The Art of Finding Smart: attracting exceptional leaders

Thursday 5th November, 2015

The link between exceptional leadership and strong company performance is all but universally acknowledged. Yet there are still many companies out there who don’t have the leaders they need to take their organisations to the next level. What’s good today doesn’t necessarily translate into great tomorrow, particularly in the context of disruptions and industry paradigm change. 

placeholderThe truly talented leaders who are capable of game-changing leadership – and by that I mean the leaders who are able to inspire and steer their teams to sustained peak performance in any commercial condition – are in high demand. They are often sought by companies outside their industry verticals and geographical boundaries. In some cases they are approached multiple times a day about jobs based all over the world. It goes without saying that these are busy people thriving in their challenging roles; they don’t have the time to seriously consider every phone call they receive. So at the heart of the talent competition is the question: What is the art of finding smart?

How does your organisation stand out and present an opportunity that will be seriously considered by these sought-after leaders? At Evolve, we take a different approach to the prevailing talent industry paradigm and begin by creating a space for these talented individuals to genuinely reflect;

• what’s the end game?
• what do they truly want to do in order to get there? and
• what are the types of companies in which they would love to make a difference?

By focusing on the individual rather than the assignment, we are able to get many exceptional leaders we meet fired up about an opportunity.

We get air time with serious talent because everyone involved in the process – the client, Evolve and the talent themselves fundamentally understand that the process begins with an individual’s drivers.

By understanding “what gets them out of bed in the morning”, Evolve can get talent interested in an “out of the box” career prospect they might not have otherwise given a passing thought to based on the more traditional job-focussed approach.

And isn’t delivering smart the ultimate client service in the talent game?


We’d love for your company to be the next to win the competition for exceptional talent. To find out more about how Evolve Intelligence can help strengthen your leadership pipeline, please contact us.

Nicola Wortley is a Client Services Director at Evolve Intelligence.