It's a People Business!

Tuesday 27th October, 2015

If you think every recruiter is sourcing via LinkedIn, you are right. All the latest talent sourcing studies show LinkedIn as the number one social media resource for identifying talent. Ostensibly, finding individuals with specific skills has become as easy as typing a few search parameters and receiving a deluge of potential candidates, but is the wonderful world of algorithms really so wonderful? placeholder

Of course, the heavy reliance on database sourcing is not new. Sourcing has just migrated outside the limitations of traditional recruitment firm databases to the cornucopia of social media. I believe the technology is different but the behaviour is the same. Growing up in our digitised world, the new generation of recruiters has been conditioned to wanting, and getting, some quick answers. They believe everything they need is at their fingertips.

Yes, the readily available data is very convenient, but the problem with this approach is that we are dealing with people, not data. People are multi-dimensional, complex and so much more (or less) than even the most fulsome LinkedIn profile.

I am going to say it: lazy recruiting creates lazy recruiters. A heavy reliance on internet data means the Search, Sourcing and Talent industry is in danger of losing the ability to think, innovate, network and thereby add true value to our clients.

We are in the people business. Our ability to identify, and more importantly, provide insight into top talent is what our clients want. Anyone can run an internet search, but our expertise is in uncovering the alignment, motivations, limitations, ambitions, unconscious biases and ultimate potentials hidden behind self-constructed profiles.

Increasingly, our clients are also leveraging the competitive intelligence that comes with our industry vertical knowledge. That knowledge is built from numerous conversations, organic interactions that are not replaceable by any number of algorithms, database or social media websites. 

Yes I LOVE an internet search, but my business partners and I have grown with the technology, learnt to use it only as a starting point, and built a people business .


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Gareth Jones is a co-founder and Executive Director of Evolve Intelligence.