FareShare: Evolve's charity day out

Monday 3rd October, 2016

Last Tuesday was an extraordinary day at Evolve. We were privileged to dedicate a whole day to giving back to others in a unique way.

As a team, we spent the day at Melbourne’s FareShare, a charity that rescues quality food from being thrown away; transforming mindless waste into nutritious meals for people in need. In doing so, FareShare inspires and empowers action on food rescue and hunger.

On arrival, we were given a tour of the FareShare operations and kitchens in Abbotsford by the volunteer coordinator, Kirsty, who also told us the organisation’s history.

FareShare started in a borrowed commercial kitchen on a Saturday morning 15 years ago, with a handful of qualified chefs who saw an opportunity to provide real, hot food for many who would otherwise go hungry.placeholder The organisation now helps Victorians in need across the State, providing more than 1.3 million free meals this year. Did you know that each and every day, one in 10 Victorians doesn’t know where their next meal was coming from? This is just one of the real statistics that surprised and shocked us all.

FareShare’s impressive contribution is enabled each day by a well-oiled machine of 800 regular volunteers, a schools’ program, and through the volunteer assistance of groups like Evolve.

Under the tutelage of the head chef, Joss, we worked. The mood was light, but focussed. As we prepped and cooked, we sang along to the radio, compared whose sausage roll styling was the most awesome, shared stories from our family kitchens, and voted on who wore the funniest cooking outfit – Joseph, the clear winner, is the one in the shower cap in the main picture.

We were having fun and underneath it all, were mindful of collectively working towards something greater than ourselves. However small our contribution to the problems of waste and hunger, it was rewarding. On the tram back to the city at the end of the day, we spoke about the experience and all agreed, without hesitation, to participate again.

Five thousand sausage rolls and nearly as many quiches later, I felt grateful for the perspective the FareShare experience gave me - reminding me the importance of helping people in need, however I can.

Many thanks to the team at Fareshare for their time and the amazing experience.

Please follow this link to find out more about FareShare.

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