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Our Solutions

Succession Risk Management

We identify, evaluate and benchmark external leadership talent against our clients' internal team and key critical roles. This continuous process minimises vulnerability to succession gaps and maximises competitive advantage.

Competitive Intelligence

Our Competitive Intelligence solution is a core Evolve Intelligence offering and is a systematic and ongoing process for gathering and analysing intelligence to derive actionable insights about competitors, the competitive environment and trends in order to further our client’s business goals

Talent Solutions

Global talent mapping and talent pipeline management services that provide our clients with on-demand and confidential access to top local and global talent aligned to business critical roles.

Board Services

Evolve Intelligence’s Board Services is an integrated solution covering: Advisory, Performance and Succession. Our proven methodology delivers more effective, better synergised and higher-performing boards.

Talent Benchmarking Intelligence

Our Talent Benchmarking Intelligence solution is designed to provide comprehensive external talent benchmarking of your internal key critical roles effectively answering the question – ‘do we have the best talent?’

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